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1. Year of Establishment: 1987
2. Name of Programme / Courses offered : BA Programme (Major & Pass Course )

3. No of Teaching Posts:
a) Professor : Sanctioned 0, Filled 0.
b) Associate Professor : Sanctioned 0, Filled 0.
b) Asst. Professor : Sanctioned 2, Filled 2.

4. List of Faculties:
i) Mr. Bhewala Kt. Pegu, Asst. Professor & HOD
Specalization: Ancient History
Years of Experience: 26 years

ii) Mr. Mahim Ch. Payeng, Asst. Professor
Specalization: Modern History
Years of Experience: 14 years
Publications :
Chapter in books :
i)'Gandhian Concept of Rural Development’ in an edtd. Book Rural Development:Issues and Strategies in India with special Reference to North-East. Edtd. By D.Saikia, Published by – Publication Cell, Moridhal College.
ii)‘Violation of Human Rights during insurgency in North-East India’ in an edtd. Book Human Rights and Duties, Rdtd. By A. Bharali & T. Chutia, Published by Kasturi Publishers, Guwahati.
iii)‘ Human Rights of Indian Women : A historical Perspective’ in an edtd. Book Human Rights, Gender and Environment edtd. By D. Bhuyan & P. Bhuyan, Published by APPOCCUS, ISBN 978-93-82495-17-18.
Edited book :
1)Decentralisation of Power and Its Impact on Rural Development in North Eastern Region with special reference to Assam. Published by Publication Cell, MurkongSelek College, ISBN: 978-93-5104-163-4

iii) Mr. Rajib Kumbang, Asst Proffesor (Contractual)
Specalization: Medieval history
Years of Experience: 06 years

5. Departmental Activities:
i) Publication of departmental magazine with sole contribution from the major students.
ii) Conducted Film review to enhance students’ creativity.

6. Details of infrastructure facilities :
i)Library : A departmental library has been set up with more than one hundred books
ii)Internet facilities for staff & students : Computer and internet facility for staff and students are available.